I've always thought a CEO would make a good president. *BUT NOT THAT CEO*
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    Downplay Stances on Social Issues
    It's Congress's job anyway (or if you watched the news in 2015, it's the Supreme Court's job.). If my high school civics teacher was right, being the president is more about running the government than about arguing who can hold a gun. On the down low though, they would fall inline with the sensible progressivism popular here on List App.
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    Streamline Government Processes
    The U.S. government would run like a Ferrari-no-a Tesla and it would be as lightweight, efficient and nimble as SpaceX. Business systems would be consolidated and streamlined, Internet sites would be redesigned from the ground up to make government employees' jobs easier and more effective and make citizens' voices louder.
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    Unify the Graphic Identity of the United States of America
    With the back-end streamlined, it's time to make the front end shine. We need defining graphics that are carefully crafted to reflect unity and our rich heritage but also diversity and inclusion (which contrary to some popular beliefs, is a part of our rich heritage). Government buildings, websites, and other visual elements of government would be unified. A general style book would be created but still allow flexibility for different departments. The goal here is being transparent.
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    Standardize State Systems
    We can't overstep too many of our bounds here, the states can still do largely what they want (like it or not). But one thing the government CAN do is regulate interstate commerce. Standardizing tax and other business systems state to state would greatly help businesses that operate in multiple states and citizens that work in multiple states. You can have different tax codes of course but pay your taxes the same way.
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    Adequately Represent Territories and the District of Columbia
    It's been too long.
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    Hold School on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    But enact that no regular class work should occur, rather students can choose to participate in various civic service projects and learn about other cultures. Private companies should be encouraged to do the same.
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    Re-Enact Fireside Chats
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    Because that seemed classy AF.
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