@lauraforlines and I are planning monthly challenges for next year. We probably won't do a challenge every month (December is a challenge all by itself) but we're planning some good ones. If anyone has done any of these for any period of time, we'd love your advice!
  1. Whole30
    We've done this before and in all likelihood, I won't do it fully BECAUSE IT SUCKS. But it's immensely positive. Since we did it it has made a profound impact on our eating and the way we look at food. Laura is going to go for it fully and I'll completely comply in evenings and on weekends. During the school day my lunch is provided so I'll stick with it and try my best to stay "compliant", but bringing my lunch daily isn't a stress I'd like to introduce. If you've done this, suggest a recipe!
  2. No Waste
    I'm most excited and scared about this one. I think it might be the most difficult. Sounds easy at first until you realize that means no fast food (packaging), no buying ANYthing with packaging (think about food) that can't be recycled, no food waste (All must be composted). We literally will not take our trash out all month. This one will take some serious planning and we will have to define the rules some (buying meat without plastic is impossible, biohazards, etc.).
  3. French-Only Reading
    I want very badly to speak another language and French is as close as I'm going to get. Laura won't be a part of this, but the basic idea is that all the reading I do... books, Wikipedia, etc must be in French. I'll also immerse myself in French movies and television as much as possible. Does anyone know if I can get French dubbing on Netflix in the US? They always show the credits for it...
  4. Limited Cash
    All of our bills will be paid on schedule, but at the beginning of the month we will have a set spending limit and either take out that amount in cash or put it on a Visa debit card. After it's gone, it's gone.
  5. No TV/Limited Screen Time
    This one will be easier than the previous for sure. We can still eat out, we just can't watch Netflix or do pointless crap on our phones. Sorry if you're reading this right now and realizing you're doing pointless crap on your phone.
  6. Poster A Day
    This one will be another me-only. Challenges me to make some a poster a day for the month. There are countless that do this for a year (@baugasm and @craftandgraft are two good examples I follow on IG) but I don't have the time or discipline for that. One month I can handle. Excellent design challenge that will get me making and complete projects.
  7. Exercise Daily
    This one won't be hard other than just the discipline of actually making the time daily. The second hardest part will be pacing ourselves. I understand exercising every day isn't always the healthiest choice, but getting some sort of physical activity in each day is. That's the goal.
  8. Eat Only At Home
    We may nix this one just because it's an annoyance and a bit repetitive as Whole30, No Waste, and Limited Cash kind of dictate we only eat at home. Perhaps we'll just feel this one out.
  9. Only New Music
    This is an easy one I just thought of that I'm sure only I will take part in. Essentially I can only listen to Spotify Discover, artists I've never listened to, etc. DEEP TRACKS ONLY! (Could not find a gif from that episode sadly)