The cons are that it's embarrassing and people don't take you seriously. The pros make up a small and half-honest list. And since you asked, NO, I am not in school anywhere around here.
  1. I'd say I have about 8-9 years left on the Student Discount.
    15% baby
  2. I look way too young to be suspicious.
    "I'm sure he's supposed to be here, don't ask to see his badge."
  3. Strangers call me sweetie.
    I LOVE it when they do that.
  4. I get lectured about how important the lease document is by the apartment agent.
    Yes, thank you for calling me out on my youthful tendency to make brash decisions without understanding the consequences. I almost made an embarrassing adolescent mistake.
  5. My ID gets extra scrutiny.
    Look I didn't wait in line for four hours at the DMV so you can casually glance at this thing. I want to see some SQUINTING going on up in here.
  6. Makes my old man tendencies even cuter for the ladies.
    Don't mind me, I'm just an adorable 24 year old who looks 17 that's reading while eating at this restaurant by myself. My glasses? Thanks, they're prescription.