BJ & company totally made this app so 1000 cool people could use it privately in perpetuity.
  1. It's the way it is.
    It's the way it all is... It's happened to them all... I'm actually old enough to remember when Facebook was cool! What a mortifying day it was when mom friend requested me.
  2. It is not and likely will never be that bad.
    Hear me out on this one.
  3. Not enough pictures.
    The masses are visually crazed. That's why Instagram blew out of its tiny community and that's why post-10,000-pictures-from-your-stupid-Myrtle-Beach-trip Facebook got crazy outside if it's college-only crowd. Pictures are thankfully a part of List App but not the focus. Way too much reading and attention is involved.
  4. Way too many words.
    Twitter got big before it even had integrated images (remember yfrog?). But at 140 characters it was like it was custom made for 2008. The boring masses (read: high school students) probably won't make it here. And if they do, we still have a lot of time. Meanwhile, welcome high school me. I know you're on here somewhere. Don't worry your kind will be cool in college and beyond.
  5. Way too confusing for most.
    You just make lists? I don't get it. Vine was easier to explain.
  6. In a crowded field.
    The weird counter culture will be on Tumblr, crafters on Pinterest, attention seekers on YouTube, and certainly (I assure you) the Myrtle Beachers on Facebook. Even the coolest of my friends have seen and couldn't care less about List App.
  7. Bigger isn't bad.
    Of course BJ and company will expand the user base. I'm sure their investors would appreciate that. But keep in mind that might be a really good thing. It will add more diversity to the posts and eventually be more useful to you (you'll have more of a selection to curate). The people that will adopt will be cool. I promise... Just like you.
  8. Maybe Aziz will join.
    I'm sure you all would love that.
    Let's keep in mind all the garbage that is nowhere near this community. Also keep in mind how POSITIVE the comments and community is. That will always stay at the core. I promise.
  10. There are no attention hungry maniacs around here.
  11. The popular people are 👍🏻🎅🏼
    Looking at you @ChrisK
  12. There are no local businesses, cities, or business improvement districts on here yet.
    Kings of the Instagram "repost", the ill tasting September 11th post, and the worst pictures taken of your downtown Christmas parade these people won't know about List App for years. The really horrible "Social Media Marketing Blogs" and LinkedIn-Deck-Optimization-Community-Engagement-Metrics-Garbage marketers are wayyy off.
  13. Ok so actually there are but they're really cool.
  14. I've yet to see any ISIS propaganda.
  16. There are not apps dedicated to getting you more followers and tracking who unfollowed you.
    Those are messed up. Seriously.
  17. There are a couple more things I'd worry about.
    Aside from a social network that's only available on iPhone. If this were Twitter in 2009 I'd mention something about your problems in the first world.
  18. Last but not least...
    It's clear that this app is run by some cool folks. We have to know that as cool as they are, they're in this to make money. It's a typical venture capitalist, social media app startup. They will be bought or find a way to monetize The List App. But I think we can rest assured they will do it in the best way they possibly can. Also know that as the community grows, I'm sure they'll develop an interface that addresses growth and allows you to see content in new and interesting ways.
  19. Eyes are on you, @bjnovak.
  20. Update: just read this similarly themed piece from @kellydehoop