Something I've Been Working on I Think You All Might Find Useful

Last Friday, @verse and I launched @dailynudge on Instagram.
  1. I know there are some fantastically creative folks out in the list-o-sphere. @Lisa_Fav's PEOPLE OF LIST APP ARE SO FREAKING TALENTED list mentions a few famous talents here.
    The high concentration of creative people here is inspiring, so I thought our little project might be of interest to some of you.
  2. We created Daily Nudge to help nudge all you creative people out there to make stuff. Sometimes all you need is for someone to give you that nudge to get started.
  3. Every morning around 9AM, DB or I will post the day's "nudge". This is today's, number 4.
    As you can see it's literally just a word.
  4. Sometimes it will be a phrase or fragment.
  5. Or just a couple of words.
  6. You get to decide what you want to do with it.
  7. Use it as a prompt to get you started drawing, writing, improvising, painting, dancing, singing, thinking, whatever it is that gets you creating.
    DB made the nudge logo. I really like it. I designed and typeset the images with his help. We like the way they look. For all you type fans, yes that's our old standard Futura PT Heavy.
  8. You can use today's nudge or if you don't like it, pick a different one!
    You could also use all of them as a big list of random words.
  9. We're small at the moment... but we hope people will find it a useful tool and continue to use it. Even if you don't follow us, we're always there...
  10. If you create something with a nudge and want to share it, please do! On Instagram use the daily nudge tag (#nudge3 was yesterday's).
    We believe sharing your work is the best way for people to be inspired to create their own work. It also creates another prompt, for people to work derivative of yours.
  11. We don't want to be one of those Instagram accounts that reposts people's work and does the follow/unfollow thing until they get 40k followers.
    Instead we've started following a bunch of people we think are genuinely inspiring creators and we're trying to focus on a variety of fields. If you have a suggestion for an account, please let me know! I'll maybe make a future list to hear some suggestions!
  12. We've got a batch of HUNDREDS of nudges.
    Seriously, more than two years worth. Before this I had never even heard of 2018. We made them all by hand, no random word generator. They've all be thoroughly checked and edited to hopefully avoid any embarrassments.
  13. If this seems useful at all, if you need a nudge, give it a try!
  14. </plug>