This is my only celebrity meeting story. It's not great but whatever, y'all.
  1. Two years ago I had an internship in Wisconsin, America's Dairyland.
    It is a beautiful fairyland of a state that I've had a list in the oven about for months. I'll pull it out sooner or later.
  2. I lived with a wonderful lady who worked at the company I worked at. On game weekends at UW Madison, she worked with a volunteer organization that raised money by operating the luxury box elevators at the stadium.
    I went with her because I had no friends and once it got cold, nothing to do on the weekends.
  3. It was a fun thing to do, out of the ordinary, great people watching experience.
    That's Bucky the Badger. One of the all-time greatest mascots.
  4. Many of the other volunteers were retirees and very pleasant to talk to. The native Wisconsinites especially enjoyed talking to a Southerner such as myself.
  5. The deal was there were 3 elevators, each went to the same three floors but they were spaced out along the stadium.
  6. Fan's tickets were marked with what elevator to go to and even though the elevators went to the same hallways, we were instructed to send people to their assigned elevators to keep things even and make traffic flow better.
  7. Some people were downright assholes about it. We got yelled at multiple times and I even had my picture taken by a probably the douchiest guy I've ever encountered.
  8. Most were very kind however and grateful. I always assumed these were the wealthier people. The assholes were the fake wealthy type.
  9. ANYWAY. One game a guy and his family came up to me and I had my head down to check their tickets, which they had kindly already placed out for me (like I said, most people were nice). I saw their box range was for the next elevator, and started to point down there and instruct them they were at the wrong elevator.
  10. As I did so I looked up (not that far though, he's pretty short) and saw it was indeed Wisconsin Senator and former Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan with his family.
    See, his kid is wearing a UW shirt.
  11. He was extremely kind and thanked me for my direction. As he walked away, a few men came up and quietly shook his hand.
  12. He had no bodyguards or handlers visible. Surely there was a state trouper or something tailing them but I never noticed one.
    Don't forget, the dude's ripped though.
  13. Later at lunch my roommates (stationed at the next elevator) gloated to me that they saw Paul Ryan. "I know", I said.
  14. "How?", they asked. "Because I told him where to go."
  15. Since then I've felt a connection to Mr. Ryan, know known as Mr. Speaker. I felt sorry for him when he got dragged into the Speakership and felt proud when he announced his anti-Trump stance. I don't always agree with his Politics but see him as a useful, productive member of the GOP that seems to have some sense in him.
    Someday you'll be singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
  16. Also I told him what to do and he did it one time.
  17. Wesley Out.