1. Cable & Network Television
    There is no case where these things can be saved. Besides being obsolete they are too big and too far removed from the creative content they produce.
  2. Department Stores
    Too much stock, too many poor choices, inflated prices, expensive real-estate, and terrible online presence. Also perfume.
  3. Touch Screens on Dashboards
    This is the dumbest idea ever. Buttons and knobs forever.
  4. Paying for Internet Access
    Will be unnecessary. WiFi will be publicly supported and available.
  5. Gas Stations
    At least, they won't have gas at them. 🔋🔌
  6. Handset-Format Phones
    Your watch or other wearable will transmit your phone calls. As far as apps and texting, there will be something more intuitive.
  7. Electronics Stores
    Why is this still a thing?