@list is fantastic. Here are some improvements I'd make.
  1. Communities
    This could work a number of ways, I hope that #hashtags won't be the solution. Currently without existing friends on the app (I suppose mine are to lame) it's a bit lonely over here. Perhaps some method of categorizing your lists would help communities grow and content be more relevant to users.
    I'm an ALL CAPS fan, sure, but it look a bit abrupt and serious in this font. It does give some uniformity to the titles which is nice. But it is a strange choice design-wise just because it's irreversible. I'm sure no one's been capitalizing their titles underneath the all caps style, so if it's switched all the existing ones will have to be edited.
  3. Make Locations Better
    Not sure how this works on the back end. But it doesn't work great on the front end. Doesn't have most of the locations I want to add in the search. Should also allow you to add coordinates for a point that your device is standing. Now that I've said it I realize that makes The List App a geocaching app. Kudos for including the feature in the first place though!
  4. Photograph Letterboxing/RatioFflexibility
    I'm fine with the rigid cropping requirements. But we need the ability to control the crop and "letterbox" it if we need to. Currently if I want to include a whole image of something that's not square, I have to run it through another app (like from the square-only Instagram days) to letterbox it.
  5. Google or Twitter Log In
    I get the sense that few people on The List App are still using Facebook.
  6. A Way to "Stick" Lists To The Top of Your Profile
    Sometimes lists are one-and-dones. Other times they're ones you want to constantly update as you think of new items. It's pointless to add to a list buried down under a bunch of others.
  7. Different View Modes on Discover Page
    Similar to switching between the grid and the full photo on an Instagram profile page. Would display the stories like the home page so you get more of a preview of the list items.
  8. Updates to old lists shows up in recent activity, or ability to follow a specific list so you see when it's updated
    Although this could maybe flood the activities section with just notifications re: editing. I'd just love some way to see if people go back and add things to certain lists, like, say, podcast or book recommendations.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  9. I love it just the way it is! 💙
    Suggested by @kate81
  10. GIFS
    I'd probably write more lists about my feelings if I could use them.
    Suggested by @amber
  11. Track my cake day...
    Suggested by @teardropivy