As stated in Something I've Been Working on I Think You All Might Find Useful, @verse and I started an Instagram account called Daily Nudge. As a part of its mission to nudge people to create new things, we wanted to make our "Following" list full of people and accounts that share genuinely great work. We need your help finding more excellent accounts to follow.
  1. We ARE looking for:
    A variety of different creators, from photographers and designers and drawers to chefs and performers. There's really no limit to the type of creator, we want a wide variety. We also want people that create really great stuff and who are enjoyable to follow. The accounts can be people, groups, even big corporations (e.g. We follow Knoll). We are especially looking for improv and theatre accounts with GOOD content, not just promotion.
  2. We ARE NOT looking for:
    Those "Best" accounts that just repost other people's stuff, have a bunch of "promoted" posts, and get 60k followers by using the "follow/unfollow" method. They are super lame and inauthentic. Less of a place of inspiration and more of a show-off space that induces jealousy. Well curated and legitimate accounts like @designmilk, architizer, and 36 days of type don't count! They're great and we follow them.
  3. We have a bunch of the big ones, we're looking for more people we don't know.
    There are some artists I've followed for a while that I think are fantastic but they're not attention hungry and only have a few hundred followers or so. @Kieljohnson is a great example.
  4. Thanks in advance for your help!!!