1. You thought your home screen was just a place to launch apps (or if you're one of those Android users... Do what ever the heck you want to do... It's a mad world on Android home screens)
  2. Little did you know it was actually a beautiful Coral Reef.
    Picture is from a while ago when I chromatically arranged all my apps. It was beautiful.
  3. Littler did you know, app designers have been heavily investing in evil Trump-owned shoreline golf courses whose fertilizer has been leeching nitrogen into the water causing serious bleaching of your beautiful coral reef.
  4. The result is a very white home screen.
    Here are just some of the bleached apps I have.
  5. Google has moved to have all of its apps on a white background.
    This is a wise move I think as its an easy way to tie them all together and nods to their eternally simple home page. It's a nice vessel to hold all of their logos, each with its own unique silhouette. They don't own the white background trademark though...
  6., Asana, Pinterest, Medium, Netflix, Khan Academy, Groupon, they're all turning your screen white!
    Groupon is the only one in my original image that's different. Notice how much it has bleached.
  7. Even Apple is in the game. The calendar is all white now. Remember it's colorful red stripe with chunky numbers? The health app is very white now and though they have a slight texture to them, the Reminders and Notes apps are both whiter than before.
  8. OH and how could I forget.
    'Member this, kids? White but with gradient.
  9. Bleached!
    And less saturate.
  10. I don't think these design decisions individually are bad.
    As I've sad, Google has a great reason. I don't love all of their updated design but I love that they made a choice and it's unbelievably consistent. One of the most impressive and swift design overhauls of all time.
  11. Some are quite smart.
    I'm not in love with the new app icon and I preferred the ironic and declaratory tone of The List App (in the same way that I love the IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. joke) BUT the connection with the bullet point and the dot separator in their fancy TLD hacked new name works. It's succinct and memorable and unique.
  12. I like this one too.
    Medium is a beautiful application and their white background is clean and unbiased. It hints at the paper medium of old and can morph to any tone. It's a no brainer and a nice background for a colorful logo—one of my favorite web app logos.
  13. Some suck though.
    Why on Gods green earth would Netflix choose white? What association do movies and television have with white? It's not relevant to any part of their app... I mean do we watch movies in white movie theatres? Or did Netflix just get sucked into the vortex of bleaching for no good reason...
  14. It's a great idea to have a white app icon.
    As a lighting designer I'm aware that the eye is instinctively drawn to the brightest thing in the room. No matter what, the brightest thing is the focal point. Always. I also know that with LED displays on phones, white quite literally is the brightest a screen can be. It's all the LEDs in a given area on at full intensity. So of course you're going to look at it. It's like a tiny Times Square flashing at you.
  15. But like the boy who cried wolf...
    The trend might end up making white logos the least noticed.
  16. And like all great design trends...
    The tide recedes and the colorful coral will grow again. Maybe black will come first. Who knows.
  17. </observation>
  18. Partially color coded partially blended in (this isn't my home screen but screen 2)
    Suggested by   @LeahG
  19. And my home home screen
    Don't mind the outdated ListApp I am adverse to change
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