I will give the reason and to whom I sent the following
  1. Uber
    I have signed up for Uber driving but haven't taken my first trip yet! I have been lazy and my car is a mess. I took this screen shot because my buddy asked me if I had any money to hang out tonight, there is your answer bro!
  2. FaceShit
    This was from facebook. A friend of a friend shared it and it came up on my feed. They are the kind of person who always says "share for karma" or "praise be god" I'm pretty positive this picture is also from porn. I sent this picture to my sister because we are always mocking these posts.
  3. Mistake-a-gram
    This is hilarious because 1. It's such a true testimony to the girls that are into image and not who the person is. 2. I have a friend who just recently bought an infinity and the same night someone stole the emblem off the hood. I obviously showed him this and had to give him shit until he got it replaced. Obviously sent to that friend