This will be updated monthly. I just joined a newly formed book club. We have planned out the first six books we will read. 5 of them are new to me. I am kind of excited.
  1. Static
    Conveniently, I just received this book as a gift and have not read it yet. Some people at work are all about this book. Others are very skeptical.
  2. Static
    I have actually read this book and several others by Barbara Kingsolver. I am looking forward to reading this again.
  3. Static
    Sounds fun!
  4. Static
    I hear this is her best book. I have watched some of the HBO series and maybe I will wait until I read this book before I finish watching the show.
  5. Static
    I could probably use this in my life.
  6. Static
    I hear this is good to read near the end/beginning of a year as you possibly look towards New Year's Resolutions. Which I actually don't do.