1. Yesterday: I shared my fear of using the wrong product in the morning.
  2. Sprays, tubes, etc. all sit near each other in the bathroom
  3. Maybe this a normal concern for all people?
  4. I have pretty bad vision without my contacts or glasses on, so it's a legitimate concern since I can't always see what I am grabbing initially
  5. I told my husband that every morning I worry that I will spray my face with hair mist instead of my make up most thingy
  6. This morning, I procrastinated and then had to rush to get ready
  7. And I absolutely sprayed my completely washed, made up face with hair mist
  8. Not entirely pleasant
  9. Also no time to re-wash and re-make up my face
  10. I mean that's what I probably should have done
  11. What will hair most do to my skin all day? Make it sticky? Freeze my facial expressions in place?
  12. What do I have today?
  13. One mildly important meeting in the afternoon
  14. Should be fine.
  15. A light pat with a damp washcloth
  16. Some more make up. That should fix and weird shiny specks right?
  17. Now actual make up face spray.
  18. Do not grab the wrong bottle. Again.
  19. Ok. Good. I can leave now.
  20. Did this morning happen because I shared my concern out loud? I will never discuss silly fears again. At least not that involve morning mishaps.
  21. Mornings are hard enough as it is.
  22. My right cheek feels a little funny. I am sure it's fine.