Things I didn't do on Mother's Day

  1. Go to Epcot, which is the one and only thing my mom asked to do today.
    We will go tomorrow. I think. We will see how the day progresses. She has already been twice in the last week.
  2. Take a picture with my mom
    I did take several yesterday - does that make this any better?
  3. Spill any food on myself or others
    Big accomplishment
  4. Adopt a new cat
    This was not on the list of things to do, but it would have been really exciting.
  5. Make my mom watch 13 Reasons Why or Game of Thrones
    I just don't think she would like them. Based on her telling me, "I don't think I would like those"
  6. Take a nap- oh wait. Scratch that. I did take a nap. Yesterday was exhausting.