In case you missed it, Lauren Graham revealed the title of the Gilmore Girls revival (see below)
  1. Static
    Raise your hand if you cannot wait for the revival! 🙋🏽
  2. But how did I feel?
    Full list below, presented in Gilmore Girl gifs
  3. Giphy
    I LOVE the title! Cannot wait for the for episodes (aptly named Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  4. Giphy
    Oh boy will I ever. It's going to be so nostalgic and bittersweet (rip Richard Gilmore)
  5. Giphy
    Me to every character (even the ones that weren't my faves)
  6. Giphy
    Luke and Lorelai are holding hands, I repeat Luke and Lorelai are holding hands. What I'm doing is freaking out!!
  7. And finally...
    I cannot wait for more snarky Paris and all of the wonderful Gilmore Girls folks!
  8. So, are you ready?