This is a rant.
  1. The 3 to 4 hours of constant customers. I'm talking lines to the door with no stop or pause the whole time.
  2. The people that decide to add an extra shot of espresso to their drink, AFTER they have already paid for the fucking thing. That shit cost extra money people (don't be this person, you will get decaf shots)
  3. When I take a penny from our tip jar so you can get a dollar back instead of 99 cents and you don't put the dollar in the tip jar as a thank you. (we remember that)
  4. When you come yelling at us about the app not working correctly, as if we have a say in how that garbage works.
  5. When you walk up into the line while you're on your cell phone and you continue to keep your call rolling while you try to order 3 drinks and ask for a bunch of snacks and sandwiches. And than have the balls to get snippy at me when I ask to make sure I have your stupid drink down correctly. (there's a special place in hell for this type of person)
  6. When someone walks in during the morning rush, asks for two or three travelers, and $100 worth of food and actually has the audacity to start complaining that it's taking us too long to get all of their order ready. (you should fucking call in advance for this kind of stuff)
  7. There are plenty of other things I can't stand about the customers that come to Starbucks. So this list might increase over time.