A list of things love struck people do.
  1. Day Dream
    I don't know about you, but when I am in love, I can't stay focused on ANYTHING! Whether I'm at work, at a bar with friends, or up to bat at an intercollegiate softball finals game, I'm thinking about my lovely, and you can go to hell.
  2. Act Friendlier Than Usual
    My friends and colleges will know something is up with me alright. No one skips down the hall of an office. Not even if someone chalked a hopscotch into the carpet. NO ONE! I'll say things like "Isn't it a beautiful day??" and sigh a lot. When you ask for my sandwich, I'll just smile and hand it over. What's a sandwich when you are in loooove? Also this is when you will get the biggest tips from me, 20, 30, 200%? You did a great job waiter!!
  3. Drive Half Way Across The Country
    If there is a way for me to get to my lovely then I will do it. I'll drive through all 50 states if I have to. When she comes out of work, I'll be leaning, cool as a cucumber on my ride with a cool song blasting out my rolled down window.
  4. Tell Off An Ex
    Sometimes you fall in love with someone who is being harassed by some dude they dated before you. Sometimes it's as easy as saying "It's over between you two!" or "go get on with your life!" sometimes you need to be a little macho and give them something to think about.
  5. Follow Them Around
    How many times have you been in love where you just have to see them? Seeing them makes you feel so good Ohmygod! Sometimes they aren't quite as far along in that mindset as you. So you follow them around a bit, so what? It's not hurting anyone! Bump into them at a bus stop late at night, or when they are out at a movie with a group of friends. You play it off cool, like you were just... seeing a movie by yourself. You stare at her for a little while, ignoring her friends completely.
  6. Beat Up a Future Ex
    This guy isn't good for her. YOU are the only one for her, and she's the only one for you. You know this in your heart. So sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Take a baseball bat and corner him while he's on a walk at night. Maybe when he's coming out of her apartment. Wear a mask, because if you get caught, she might not understand, or maybe she will think it's cute, I don't know. Say a few words like "Stay away from her or I'll fucking kill you" things like that. Usually, they get it.
  7. Murder
    I can't stand it when my lovely can't see that we are meant to be together. NO ONE else will EVER HAVE HER. So the only thing to do is a little murder. That way she's mine forever.
  8. Buy Flowers
    When I am in love, I just love to buy flowers. It really is a great way to express your love, and it lets her know you care.