1. Kloa
    First cat ever. Pretty sure was either eaten by a coyote or is living out his years in the washes around Anthem, AZ.
  2. Sammy
    Homeless kitten and surprise from mom, who also, I'm convinced, let him run away.
  3. POOP aka Poopcat
    First animal to have as an adult. All black cat. Meanest cat I've ever met. Ex boyfriend let her become an outside cat while I was living in an apartment and couldn't have animals. She disappeared and is now probably dead. 😞
  4. Wombat!
    Jack Russell Terrier! Sister to Scooter. Their mom died after giving birth. Her parents were hunters. Some say she's poorly behaved. Sleeps under the covers. Knows when you're sad and responds appropriately. Often vomits all over the place after drinking too much water. Sometimes her legs give out. Likes all outdoor activities, playing blanket, and biting other dogs. She's nine and been with me since birth. Poopcat used to latch on to baby Wommie and ride her through the house like a horse. ❤️