Inspired(ish) by @ListPrompts @gwcoffey and @dad3
  1. The Talisman
    By Stephen King and Peter Straub - It's one of my favorite books ever, a quest through worlds and time and space, a good vs evil tale. It's decently long and I could read it multiple times.
  2. A Memory of Light
    By Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson - The final book in the Wheel of Time series. Haven't read it because I don't want it to end. The storylines are intricate and the characters are plentiful. 909 pages could be doled out slowly over the year.
  3. American Primitive
    By Mary Oliver - @alligeeshow recently introduced me to this luminary ( MY TEN FAVORITE WORDS/////////// WHEN IT'S OVER I WANT TO SAY: ), who won the Pulitzer for this collection. Poetry is good for pondering upon.
  4. Cloud Atlas
    By David Mitchell - Been wanting to read it, but couldn't quite get in the mood. Long, literary, award-y and possibly too deep for me, as evidenced by Man Booker short list. Could definitely fill the hours.
  5. The Sandman, Volume 9. The Kindly Ones
    By Neil Gaiman - Because it's the best and the longest and I love it the most. I could look at the art for days.
  6. War and Peace
    By Leo Tolstoy - Too see what all the fuss is about. Also, 1392 glorious pages.
  7. Geek Love
    By Katherine Dunn - Because I just truly love it.
  8. Modern Romance (audiobook)
    By Aziz Ansari - Because whip smart, cute brown dudes bringing the funny into my aural canals does it for me.
  9. The Monster at the End of the Book
    By Jon Stone - Because Grover. Also, because there's nothing to fear but fear itself.
  10. The Age of Miracles
    By Karen Thompson Walker - Because if the world is ending, it can at least do so in a slow, incredibly lovely worded manner.