@missv is the supa fly dopest SS evah!
  1. I'm all, what did I order from Cali?
  2. Um, nothing. Duh squared.
  3. But @missv sent me something anyway!!
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  4. Hello from Californ-I-A.
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    Fun stuff from her hood and my former hood. I spent my formative years in Lalaland so KROQ and Disneyland have deep meaning for me.
  5. And then there was a veritable shower of sweet treats from heaven.
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    Also known as Trader Joe's, my basic bitches.
  6. And if that weren't exciting enough...
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    Holy cats, there are international chocolates up in this jammy piece. These are from Peru and they are amaze and mine, all mine.
  7. But wait, there's MORE.
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    She MADE these coasters. From pics on one of my posts about Halloween costumes with my kid. This is v relevant this weekend because STAR WARS. And yes, my kid was Han and I was Chewie. I pushed the geek agenda hard while I could.
  8. Seriously, this is the clown car of boxes because...
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    Hats! From Peru! For me AND my kid! We probs def won't take these off til spring because we kewt.
  9. And the nicest, kindest, most thoughtful letter telling me about her, explaining the gifts and other stuff that made my heart embiggen.
  10. Thank you @missv and @ChrisK !!
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    The kid asked for paper and wrote this the second we were done with the package opening. This whole SS thing was even more awesome that I thought it could be. Consider the joy spread, yo. ❤️🎅🏼❤️