Fictional Men That I'd Go Into a Dream Coma For

Remember that Ally McBeal epi where the dying chick wanted to be put into a medical coma so she could live out her remaining days with her dream lover? Like that, but with tv characters.
  1. Dean Winchester.
    Hands down true love of all time. Brave af, funny, looks phenom in a Carthart jacket and some jeans, LARPs, ganks monsters, loyal, DTF, likes pie. Sold.
  2. Daryl Dixon
    Qualifier: this offer only valid during zombie apocalypses. May not be transferable to other apocalyptic situations. Dem arms doe.
  3. Coach Taylor
    I never even watched Friday Night Lights, but that man is like smoke and butter. 🔥
  4. Spike
    With or without soul.
  5. Pacey Witter
    Basically Dean, minus the monsters.
  6. Sawyer
    Sultry, sarcastic scoundrel who reads.
  7. But really just Dean.
  8. Logan Echolls
    Broody McBrooderson who will punch faces for your honor and even shoot his own rapey father to save you. He face grab kisses and melts ladies into piles of liquid sex.