Gifts I'm Giving in 2015

Are these just all the things I wish someone would give me?
  1. Letters in the mail
    The Rumpus has a subscription service where you get a new letter each month from a published, well-regarded author(Roxane Gay, Elisa Albert, Anthony Doerr, etc.). You can also order past letters individually, which is what I'm doing and sending with one of the author's books. They also have an option for kids. I hope to see @bjnovak 's letter this year. One of my son's all time faves is The Book With No Pictures. He'd freak.
  2. FroliCat
  3. Homemade Poo Pourri.
    The gift that gives to everybody. Learn how to make it here.
  4. Steampunk seahorse.
    Fucking adorbs and created by a dope ass chick. TheWildThingsArt on etsy.
  5. This shirt.
    Because my husband's in IT and I'm fucking amazing. YellowDogTees on etsy.
  6. Books
    Including: Thank You, Octopus, Bird Box, All The Light We Cannot See, The Martian, How To Be, A More Unbending Battle, A Wrinkle in Time, Giants Beware, Into the Blizzard: Walking the Fields of the Newfoundland Dead
  7. These cookies.
    Trust me. They are pure phenom. Eggs at room temp, use good vanilla and def chill at least an hour.