Listers I Ship

In case you're not young, hip or a big ole dork like me, shipping is the fandom way to put peeps into a relationSHIP in our very own minds or in fanfic. I'm sorry???? I love u all❤️❤️
  1. Grecca - @lesbian and @destiel
    This one is obvs and has ultra high key irl possibility bc a)they know each other irl, 2)they basically already shipped themselves and •)they will be letting down the whole ListApp community if not tbh??? Jk, but I really just love @lesbian so much, ok??? And I think they are the literal cutest and I love their trash-talking banter.
  2. Probs not fair bc these two are already life partners, but I ship it hardcore and also want @celeste to come back to listapp 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
  3. Allris - @ChrisK and @alligeeshow
    Super literate, ultra classy, v low key classy flirty flirty. Aren't we all a little in love with both of them already?
  4. Olris - @olive and @ChrisK
    Multiple ships are totally legit. Olive is fine af/writes/tells it like it is/is severely funny. Chris throws the banter back with ease and verve. Serious 💥💥
  5. Nathanna(best ship name EVER) - @nathanveshecco and @nantea
  6. Carrica - @ladyprofessor and @jaidub
  7. Figgie - @Fitz and @mlb
    Bc they're both cute/funny and seem to low or high key love each other maybe??? Idk, I just see it. Ok???
  8. Bindy - @bjnovak and @mindy
    This is the ListApp versh of Parent Trap. Hopefully they will be so charmed by the high quality faux Italian restaurant situation created in this list(🍕🍝🍆🍷🎭🏎🛍😎🇧🇬), they will fall back into love over a bottle of Chianti and heal this broken family.
  9. IRL roommates, bibliophiles... ~*and more????*~
    Suggested by   @lizabeth
  10. Parents - @Mom + @dad
    Not MY OTP but whatever. @dad could do better.
    Suggested by   @lizabeth
  11. Geoffbian - @gwcoffey and @lesbian
    Suggested by @jaidub This is cannon. Two of the most beloved by all listers. Heaven made match.