Am I doing this right? Wtf is my aesthetic supposed to mean? Anyways, this is pretty much me. You're welcome. And so sorry.
  1. I'm Batmom.
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  2. How I feel when going to work or even getting dressed and leaving the house tbh.
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  3. Let's be real, all I see here is dessert.
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  4. Melted heart on aisle me.
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  5. These dorks are my full on aesthetic. One of them is an esthetician. Idk. Maybe??
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  6. Old hippie on board.
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  7. 💯
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  8. This was a good idea maybe??
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  9. The Bloggess is bae. Wtf isn't she on here??
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  10. If I have to explain this you may no longer have a working soul.
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  11. Kids asleep > kids awake.
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  12. Sleep is bae.
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  13. Literally me rn.
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  14. Whedonverse is best verse.
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  15. Me with your frosting when you're not looking.
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  16. 🌯
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  17. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
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  18. 🌯
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  19. Sleep bae.
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  20. 🙏🏽
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  21. I iz cat nao
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  22. This fairytale pumpkin
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  23. How I'd like to go through life
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  24. Self-love. #goals
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  25. It's always worth it for a punchline.
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  26. Free comic book day is the holiest of days.
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  27. Friends are dorks that stay forever.
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  28. When my forks make me leave the house or put in pants.
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  29. Dean. Motherfucking. Winchester.
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  30. When I'm cozy af and we're out of milk.
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  31. When in doubt, read. To dogs.
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