My Aesthetic Through My Favorites Album on My Phone

Am I doing this right? Wtf is my aesthetic supposed to mean? Anyways, this is pretty much me. You're welcome. And so sorry.
  1. I'm Batmom.
  2. How I feel when going to work or even getting dressed and leaving the house tbh.
  3. Let's be real, all I see here is dessert.
  4. Melted heart on aisle me.
  5. These dorks are my full on aesthetic. One of them is an esthetician. Idk. Maybe??
  6. Old hippie on board.
  7. 💯
  8. This was a good idea maybe??
  9. The Bloggess is bae. Wtf isn't she on here??
  10. If I have to explain this you may no longer have a working soul.
  11. Kids asleep > kids awake.
  12. Sleep is bae.
  13. Literally me rn.
  14. Whedonverse is best verse.
  15. Me with your frosting when you're not looking.
  16. 🌯
  17. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
  18. 🌯
  19. Sleep bae.
  20. 🙏🏽
  21. I iz cat nao
  22. This fairytale pumpkin
  23. How I'd like to go through life
  24. Self-love. #goals
  25. It's always worth it for a punchline.
  26. Free comic book day is the holiest of days.
  27. Friends are dorks that stay forever.
  28. When my forks make me leave the house or put in pants.
  29. Dean. Motherfucking. Winchester.
  30. When I'm cozy af and we're out of milk.
  31. When in doubt, read. To dogs.