All these humans are putting out the kindness and the laughter and the we're all in this together so let's drink lime rickeys and sing Journey songs in the round. #draftmas Closing in on home @aprilkquioh
  1. Hannah Hart
    The gateway tuber. My OG. The kween of the drunk kitchen. Practicer of reckless optimism. She was the first YouTuber I watched back in 2011. I still almost tell my kid to butter his shit about once a month.
  2. Ingrid Nilsen
    Light in human form.
  3. Lilly Singh
    Rainbow in human form.
  4. Mamrie Hart
    Your hot, drunk, funny af aunt in human form.
  5. Mitchell Davis
    Mitchell 4 prez. Love this guy for life. I find him ultra hilarious. See him on Grace Helbig's channel and on her podcast because he hardly ever posts anymore. Come back, Meezy!!
  6. Grace Helbig
    Awkward older sister/young aunt is how she bills herself. She's smart af, funny as hell and talks about shit a lot. I don't know
  7. Kandee Johnson
    Candy in human form. The sweetest, most encouraging, most loving and joyful person. And she does the most amazing transformations with makeup.
  8. Todrick
    He's a new find for me, but his voice is magic and his vids are crazily awesome. He edits for days and extremely well. He's also a kind boy and is putting good stuff out into the world.
  9. Book Riot Live
    I super love them anywhere they are, but I really love the vids that tell you what books to put on your library queue before they come out so you don't have to wait so long for them.
  10. Kid President
    This kid is everything to me. I read his book and watch his vids with my son. His kindness and positivity and humor are striking and I hope that he will influence my son to be like him.
  11. Megan Tonjes
    Beautiful, hilar booty revolution goddess.
  12. Do it on a Dime
    The sweetest organization/DollarTree/DIYing mom vlogger. So not my wheelhouse, but she has mad cool tips and is just ultra nice.