So many bad songs. So many times.
  1. Gangham Style - Not only does it invade your cerebellum, it also requires explaining the definition of the word sexy to a 5 year old.
  2. The NeNe - The auditory version of the movie, The Ring.
  3. Hit the Quan - If I ever get within 100 feet of it, I will hit it like I would a piñata full of Cadbury mini eggs. Fiercely and with great vigor.
  4. What Does the Fox Say - It says stfu, I'm hunting rabbits, asshat.
  5. Who Let the Dogs Out - Still ruining lives fifteen years later.
  6. Mary Had a Little Lamb - One word. Recorder. 😳😬😱🔫
  7. I Love You, You Love Me - Baby's first earworm.
  8. Everything is Awesome - Once. Maybe twice. Anymore is the polar opposite of awesome.
  9. Caillou theme song can suck a D
    Suggested by @ameliaville