I like big books and I cannot lie. I also like little books and all the others in between. I prefer them in stacks that can be easily moved to different cozy spots.
  1. To read with my kid.
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    Lifelong dream. Ultra excitement.
  2. For 24 in 48 readathon.
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    I'm excited about the readathon, but seeing my availability dwindle as the plans pile up.
  3. Travel research.
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    First time off this continent = epic levels of research. Also, I eat too much sugar. Says the chick currently consuming Nerds.
  4. Read before Hong Kong.
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    Or return to the library or give to me friend.
  5. To pack for HK.
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    My friend is a reader too and neither of us can support our own habits. 👯
  6. What I'd like to be reading.
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    But can't because prior commitments to library or other time sensitive books. Life is hard.
  7. Kids travel research.
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    Plus Pokémon because 6 3/4.
  8. For solo kid reading.
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