Stacks of Books Around My House, Ranked

I like big books and I cannot lie. I also like little books and all the others in between. I prefer them in stacks that can be easily moved to different cozy spots.
  1. To read with my kid.
    Lifelong dream. Ultra excitement.
  2. For 24 in 48 readathon.
    I'm excited about the readathon, but seeing my availability dwindle as the plans pile up.
  3. Travel research.
    First time off this continent = epic levels of research. Also, I eat too much sugar. Says the chick currently consuming Nerds.
  4. Read before Hong Kong.
    Or return to the library or give to me friend.
  5. To pack for HK.
    My friend is a reader too and neither of us can support our own habits. 👯
  6. What I'd like to be reading.
    But can't because prior commitments to library or other time sensitive books. Life is hard.
  7. Kids travel research.
    Plus Pokémon because 6 3/4.
  8. For solo kid reading.