Ily @nathanveshecco 🎶🎶
  1. Out The Door
    Manic punk song about the desperate need for strawberry Nerds propelling me to leave the house at 11pm to acquire some.
  2. ADHD Mom Blues
    6 and 1/2 minute track of pure silence. Album comes with Hearos earplugs.
  3. I Love It So Much I'd Eat It For Breakfast
    A love song to brunch. Dedicated to @Fitz
  4. 100 More Pages
    A heartbreak honky tonk about the man that wants some lovin and the woman that wants to finish her book.
  5. OML ILy
    A high energy dubstep body positive, love yourself, be who the fuck you wanna be girl/guy/either/neither/all of the above anthem for the splendid youthful world-changing creatures @lesbian @destiel @alanarogerrrrs @magic @simplyshelli @sophiack @dubstep and the rest
  6. Dreams Do Come True
    Diva power ballad, like Aretha/Whitney/Celine big. About the night I had the entire bed to myself.
  7. Make Plans To Break Plans
    The ballad of how things sound fun in the future, but nothing is as good in the present as my couch and my phone.
  8. I Would Anything For Laughs(But I won't do that)
    No. I will. Let's be real.