What Turns Me on 🔥

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Wit.
  2. Smart, dry humor that doesn't ridicule anyone.
  3. Guns.
  4. Kindness. Especially to strangers. And in high stress situations. And to other men.
  5. Dean. Motherfucking. Winchester.
  6. This list.
  7. When someone pays attention and learns the little things you enjoy and then surprises you with them.
  8. Proper use of the Oxford comma.
  9. Hands. Strong, capable, useful hands.
  10. That moment right before the kiss.
  11. Men who read and have opinions about what they've read.
  12. Excitement about things/life/anything.
  13. That take charge, confident hand on your lower back gently guiding you through a crowded room, across the street, anyplace you don't know the way to.
  14. When he gets your geeky refs.
  15. When he recommends something really fantastic that you've never read.
  16. When he takes your hand in a way that he can stroke your wrist with his thumb.
  17. To be determined.