Inspired by @JennyJLee and @ijeoma @ListPrompts and all y'all Listers
  1. White privilege is something I came into the world having.
  2. I didn't ask for it. I didn't do anything to earn it. I didn't even know I had it.
  3. White privilege means having the luxury of not thinking about it.
  4. The first time I remember hearing a racist comment I was in first grade.
    My best friend in school was Michelle. She was black. One day she fell on the playground and cut her knee. I was helping her to the infirmary because she was limping badly and bleeding a lot and I overheard a group of kids whispering about how her blood was red too. I didn't really know what they were implying, but I remember it making me feel really uncomfortable and weird.
  5. White privilege is not being thought of as something other than human.
  6. I was 27 when I moved into an apartment in Brooklyn. The weekend I moved in a biracial came up to us and told us they had been denied for the apartment. They tried to fight his decision, but I had already signed a lease and moved in. I tried to get out of the lease, but couldn't afford to.
  7. White privilege assumes I'm the better candidate.
    Despite my being a college student with one year of sobriety under my belt and them being married professionals.
  8. I don't want privilege that isn't earned.
    I have a lot of white guilt. Which is embarrassing because I know I'm supposed to be cool and just recognize my privilege and challenge bias when I see it and do better. But I feel bad because I have this thing I don't deserve and I benefit from it on most days.
  9. But I benefit from it and feel grateful at times for it.
    Which is super embarrassing and awful to say, but I am grateful to not have to suffer the effects of racism and oppression.
  10. White privilege is something I don't know how to beat.
    I've always been a fighter, a defender, an advocate, a protester. I want to solve things and be proactive and make the world a better place. None of that really works here. But the quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates to, "Vote. Keep reading. Rinse. Repeat." is something that I can do.
  11. White privilege is something I'll never understand completely, but I can listen and honor feelings and be aware.
  12. White privilege is bullshit and I'm sorry that it's the status quo.