Words We Should Bring Back

I like words. Let's bring some back.
  1. Crapulous
    1 :marked by intemperance especially in eating or drinking 2 :sick from excessive indulgence in liquor
  2. Hugger-mugger
    1 :secret 2 :of a confused or disorderly nature :jumbled
  3. Fuzzle
    To make drunk; to confuse; to befuddle
  4. Monsterful
    Wonderful and extraordinary
  5. Beef-witted
  6. Bunkum
    Irrelevant, nonsense talk
  7. Dringle
    Mark left on wood by condensation
  8. Bohunk
    Dumb, hot jock
  9. Doi
  10. Crackalakin'
    Happening. i.e. What's crackalackin'? said Marty, the zebra
  11. Flim-flam
    nonsensical or insincere talk
  12. Mega
    This has already happened because @kate81 is mega awesome and deigned it be so.
  13. Hullabaloo
    a commotion; a fuss
  14. Hobbledehoy
    A clumsy or awkward youth. It's just fun to say.
    Suggested by   @moonjockey