Spun the wheel and this is what we got. This may be me in a nutshell.
  1. Hair color idea
    Creepy photo, yes.
  2. Photo from when I was packing my place to move out.
    I am highly guilty of conducting photo shoots to document my cleaning/organizing frenzies, so I can share them with others. It just occurred to me this very moment that others may not give a damn.
  3. Stuffed kiwi birds.
    I felt awkward taking this, and now I can feel awkward posting it. But them's the random spin of the photos! This is from New Zealand, where we went to visit these amazing creatures. They live in the dark, so this taxidermy is for the education and photo glee of tourists.
  4. Geothermal pools, New Zealand
    The colors were amazing. This photo is also a sharp reminder that, despite planning our honeymoon during NZ summer and to get away from Seattle rain, we brought it with us.
  5. Laughing with my parents moments after our wedding
    I didn't even know I had this! Thanks List app!