Because there's always one. You're welcome.
  1. I should eat because otherwise I could wake up hungry.
  2. It's bad for your metabolism if you go too long without eating. I'm helping my metabolism!
  3. I forgot if I ate recently. Did I eat? I *think* I did, but I should eat again to be sure.
  4. Since I'm in the mood to eat, I should embrace this, really.
    During a particularly anxious few weeks in my life I went a stretch of a few days too sad to eat. The memory of this period has encouraged many happy snackfests since.
  5. The [insert name of restrictive fad diet I am intrigued by] diet starts tomorrow. It would be wasteful not to finish this other food.
  6. I have different hours than other people - this is like dinner for me!
  7. This almost-empty jar of peanut butter is taking up space in the fridge unnecessarily.
    I have used this more than a few times.
  8. Who needs sleep medicine? Cheese (milk, yogurt) will make me sleepy!
  9. I will need energy for tomorrow's workout. I better start now.
  10. I could be at a diner, but I'm here, basking in the glow of my fridge! Look at me making the healthier choice!
  11. I worked really hard today and I heard using your brain burns more calories. So *that's* why I'm hungry! I better eat!
  12. That chocolate is not going to eat itself.