What do I know, really? (Requested by @boygirlparty)
  1. If she's gonna drink, she prefers stouts
  2. She liked the book The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles
  3. She did a duet with Prince
    Not obscure, but you didn't know that, right?
  4. She was in a band before her solo career.
    Breakfast Club. Yes, she played an instrument.
  5. She hooked up with Vanilla Ice.
    Intentionally and repeatedly.
  6. The Pet Shop Boys wrote a song for her and she didn't want it
    "Heart"; they recorded it themselves
  7. She was pregnant when she filmed Evita.
    You can tell if you go back and watch it. You won't, so just trust me.
  8. Speaking of Evita: she had a crush on Antonio Banderas and got denied.
    See Truth or Dare
  9. Her new boyfriend is 18.
    Just kidding, but you believed me for a minute, didn't you?