New state, new experience.
  1. I look Indian
    I'm not. Well, maybe like 2% if you believe 23andMe
  2. It's time to fess up about my height
    I am 5'1 because carrying stupid law school books made me shrink. You say "scholarly", I say "stupid". For years, I held hope I'd grow back to 5'2. Now the world will know I have failed to do so.
  3. I will actually miss my old license picture, even though I looked stoned (I wasn't)
  4. My old license picture will always remind me of the Spanish fresco debacle
  5. Why don't they have bathrooms?
    I imagine the only thing worse than a DMV would be the state of its bathroom, so they skipped it altogether.
  6. Should I have changed my name? Too late now!
    My name has 10 letters and 2 silent h's. My husband's is 5 letters. Darn his liberalism, he didn't insist.
  7. People must not be trying that hard to live in WA
    They didn't ask me for any proof of residency. In fact, a number of people eyed my CA license with envy.
  8. 7-11 must be a bigger thing than I realize
    When they gave me my temporary license, they made sure I understood that it would not be excepted at bars - "or 7-11".
  9. I still don't weigh what it says there
    Oops. Sadly, it's not even a goal weight or anything cute like that.
  10. The Seattle DMV offers books?!!
    There was a bookshelf. With real books. I love this place.
  11. Wow, that was relatively painless.
    In and out of there in 15 minutes. Washington for the win!