Just a few (requested by @boygirlparty!h
  1. Coffee
    I don't discriminate. Fancy cappuccino, questionable cup from the gas station pot- I take it all! ☕️ In fact just THINKING about coffee right now is making me happy.
  2. Hearing my parents on the phone early on a weekend morning to Iran
    I don't live with them anymore but it's still my favorite ❤️ I love that they've stayed connected despite being far away. And I love that they talk louder, as if that helps.
  3. Babies. Happy ones. Cuddly newborns.
  4. The opening notes of Into the Groove and All Night Long
  5. Retelling the story about the time my mom went up to Lionel Richie and told him he was "Three times a great singer!"
  6. Hearing someone accidentally fart.
    It makes me uncomfortable, which makes me giggle and takes the heat off whatever I'm probably stressing about at the moment.
  7. When the Mr grins at me to get out of whatever trouble he is in
    He isn't on the app, so he doesn't know this. As far as he knows, he's still in trouble.
  8. Sibling group hugs
    I don't know how we continue to do this into our 30s but it's awesome
  9. Dad's breakfast sandwiches
    And the glee with which he concocts them
  10. Mom saying "Hiya Lil!" or "Yessssssk!"
  11. @boygirlparty's elephant illustration
  12. Bookstores, books, reading
    Not in that order
  13. Suddenly remembering I already worked out that morning
  14. Hot showers
  15. Tax refunds
    Tis the season. I don't get them but I feel like if I did, I would be SO happy. I'm preparing myself, really.
  16. When the flight attendant offers me extra snacks
    Look, no one said I'm hard to please
  17. This emoji: 💩. Every. Single. Time.