Yesterday we went to see Kurious, which was beautiful and highly entertaining. It did, however, get my mind going
  1. "At what point do you figure out this is your true calling?"
    It's a bit different than writing or science. When do you realize that you are a little human rubber band and should capitalize on this?
  2. "Which substances inspired this concept?"
    From the costumes and sets to the insane feats of human strength, it's a mind trip. Let's just say there was an entire section devoted to hand puppetry.
  3. "What did the job ad for this look like?
    In one act, a man stands atop a number of small mismatched boxes on top of a ball... On a swing... 30 feet above ground.
  4. "I would have loved to see the first day of practice for this one"
    Every act.
  5. "I really should work on my core strength"
    Giphy downsized medium
    Ride a bicycle hanging upside down from the ceiling of the tent? In Cirque it seems useful, not only for suspension, but because they stand on each other a lot.
  6. "I wonder if I can try this at home?"
    Not recommended.