2017 Resolutions

Some I will keep, others I will try keeping and some will just be "let's see"...
  1. Lose weight
    Not because of beauty standards, but for health reasons (and to fit in a size small bikini...)
  2. Write
    And write, and write and write...just like Dory, but instead of swimming...you get the idea...
  3. After the writing, let's try publishing
    Elsewhere than on the web...
  4. Find meaning of my life
    I already did, but still nice to remember THAT I DID...soooo
  5. Tame my anxiety
    Because, well, it's unbearable...
  6. Quit my job
    There, I've said it. Will I do it...we will see!!!!
  7. Affirm myself
    While respecting others
  8. Start learning sign langage
    Same as quitting. Have. To. Do. It. Like Nike...
  9. Returning in doing lists...
    Speaks for itself