Since having kids, our travel has been somewhat limited. But these are the places I dream about visiting again.
  1. Hong Kong
    Home of won ton soups and almost everything delicious. I not only crave the food, I crave the city.
  2. Singapore
    Laksa, Hanainese chicken, fresh roti... In a uniquely Asian city that feels a lot like North America.
  3. Las Vegas
    Place for anything from an In-N-Out burger to legit Asian food to fancy crab legs, this is my fave place to visit without kids.
  4. Honolulu, Hawaii
    This smorgasbord of cultures is another odd bird that feels 1 part beach, 1 part Asia and 1 part Vegas.
  5. Tokyo
    I dream about the udon, the okonomiyaki, and the view in Shibuya.
  6. Thailand
    Love the tastes and the shopping. Would love to visit again someday... With or without the kids.
  7. London
    Cornish pastie, anyone? This would be a fun place to take the littles one day. Still haven't visited Buckingham Palace yet.