my favorite ways to be in a better mindset. this is more for me as a reminder but if it can help others even better
  1. A clean work and living area
  2. Being mindful of your inner voice
    I have a lot anxiety so I usually have a inner voice in my head all the time. I found that when my inner voice is positive and not a judging, condescending asshole, I'm usually in a better mind set
  3. Waking up early in the morning
    I'm a morning person so ive found that in the morning, I'm most productive so I wake up early to get work more done.
  4. Write down a few daily goals first thing in the morning
    This helps give purpose to my day
  5. Exercise
    I don't actually do this but everywhere I've read says that this is good for you....guess I need to work on it
  6. Don't be obsessed with being right
    Who gives a shit? Most times, people aren't going to change their opinion and if you're obsessed with being right neither will you. Control what you have power over.
  7. Have challenging hobbies
    Your brain is a muscle and needs to exercise. Having challenging hobbies will strengthen your brain as well as create new connections
  8. Don't be obsessed with time