a benefit of li.sting

  1. Sitting in a darkened theater watching "John"
    Written by Annie Baker, it's a drama about love, betrayal, and the past creeping into the now
  2. There are four on-scene characters
  3. One is a B&B innkeeper named Mertis, whose age is unknown, but 70ish places us in the ballpark
  4. She starts simple (adorable, quirky) but is holding some secrets
  5. Sitting there, in that darkened theater, early in the first act, I realize I recognize the actress
    I attend so few plays, she must be known elsewhere
  6. It's as much her voice as her face, her lilting voice that is sweet, kind and often playful
  7. Mertis is offstage and two other characters are talking when the lightbulb illuminates 💡
  8. Georgia Engel
  9. Georgia Engel, who shot to fame on The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  10. That puzzle piece clicked, followed immediately by "I should li.st this to Bri, she might like it"
    She has written so warmly and sweetly about Mary Tyler Moore
  11. A benefit of li.sting is that thinking of others in nice ways can happen anywhere and anytime
    (This wasn't the first occurrence, but the most illustrative. Plus, a shoutout to "John" - a drama that made me cringe, laugh, and think)