Advise I Give (when asked) to Expectant Parents: Reading

But none of you asked. Bastards.
  1. Read to your child for *at least* 20 minutes every day
    If there are two parents raising the child, then that is at least 20 minutes per parent
  2. That time is bonding time, quiet time, learning time
    Yes, turn off the teevee and put the phone in another room
  3. In that first year, it doesn't matter what you read
  4. The stories will change over time
    Which you will both appreciate
  5. At some point the child will correct you when you skip a word
  6. And then will read along with you
  7. And will then read to you
  8. And then not need you
  9. But for several years you will have had an amazing adventure with your child: one to one time, learning, laughing, perhaps crying, fantasizing, being on the edge of your seat, empathizing with characters, anticipating the turn of the page, and onward and forward to more stories