Doctorly Advice

from my GP, who visits patients in the hospital and doesn't charge extra for house calls (which are reserved for elderly patients) Inspired by @Heartsounds
  1. Drink more water and walk more
  2. Don't try to lose weight until you can prove you can maintain your existing weight for a year.
  3. Awake at the same time every day
    Your body will adjust at night as needed. Poor sleep hygiene can be as bad as stress or a poor diet.
  4. Full attention is in between hand-washings.
    When the doctor enters the room, their brain is ramping up to focus on you. They wash their hands and now full attention is on you. At the end, more hand washing and their brains are ramping down. Everything of importance is in between the hand-washings
  5. To that, always prioritize the time with what is most important to you.
    That is, do not bury the lede
  6. To that, office visits are short (prioritize, be prepared, write out any questions ahead of time that you aren't comfortable vocalizing)
    15-20 minutes is typical, your mileage might vary