Musicals I've Seen, Ranked

Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva
  1. 31.
    Peter Pan
    Ranked lowest as I only saw the first half. First show (first half, truly) that I saw on Broadway
  2. 30.
  3. 29.
    Anything Goes
  4. 28.
    Into The Woods
  5. 27.
    Mamma Mia!
  6. 26.
  7. 25.
    Elf: The Musical
  8. 24.
    Dirty Dancing
    Never saw the movie
  9. 23.
    Hilarious (as expected)
  10. 22.
    Les Misérables
  11. 21.
    Beautiful, The Carole King Musical
  12. 20.
    Finding Neverland
    Went January 28. I was clueless going in as to the plot / story. The story was great; execution was great, but perhaps two too many songs, and a bit campy.
  13. 19.
    The Lion King
  14. 18.
    The Last Five Years
    Haven't seen the movie, but the show has just two characters and a simple set. Not a large Broadway show by contrast.
  15. 17.
  16. 16.
  17. 15.
    A Chorus Line
    Very first professional musical I saw. The staging is so simplistic which gives it more authenticity. Only seen this once, but it had an impact.
  18. 14.
  19. 13.
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  20. 12.
    Fiddler on the Roof
  21. 11.
  22. 10.
    Kinky Boots
    The movie is good as well ("B" letter grade). The physicalness, tenderness and humor is what will bring me back.
  23. 9.
    Phantom of the Opera
    A classic, obviously. The music threads are captivating.
  24. 8.
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Great staging, and great fun.
  25. 7.
  26. 6.
    Beauty and the Beast
  27. 5.
    Better than the movie (at best a C+). The actors are the musicians and it is very impressive what happens when a guitar string breaks mid-solo.
  28. 4.
    Matilda the Musical
    Characters, choreography, songs and humor carry this. The story is good-not-great.
  29. 3.
    Definitely worth the hype and the awards.
  30. 2.
  31. 1.
    The Book of Mormon
    It keeps to musical traditions while pushing boundaries. It's offensive while being good clean fun. What's not to like?