Overheard 👂 Airport Gate Edition

Boarding in Chicago, San Francisco bound
  1. next in line to have my ticket scanned
  2. *beep*. Ticket Agent to traveler ahead of me: Sir we will need to tag and check one of your bags.
  3. Man (confused): um. Why?
  4. TA: you have three and we only permit two carry on
  5. Man: this is just my coat
    "Just" meaning a garment bag that could hold an entire suit+ I refrained from unzipping it to validate
  6. TA: sir, that's a third item
  7. Man (folds the garment bag in half): this is my third flight today and I haven't had to check anything
  8. TA: sir, if the other agents had done their job, you wouldn't be here holding up these fine people
  9. Man (looks angry but capitulates): *ugh*
  10. Moral of the story: Learn your ABCs and your 1-2-3s