overnight sleep study

Inspired by @elmospimpingme
  1. Twice I have completed overnight sleep studies
  2. They functioned almost identically
    Location and personnel are obvious differences
  3. The second one, the doctor assumed I have sleep apnea so she requested that the technician wake me up half way through in order to wear a cpap mask
    I do not have sleep apnea. The doctor was very presumptuous
  4. While it was odd to think that someone is watching me sleep, they aren't constantly watching. They have other tasks and other patients. They rely on the monitoring equipment to alert them (e.g., a node becomes dislodged)
    There was no creepy feel to having someone "watch" - it was all very clinical
  5. The removal of the wires do hurt much, if at all
  6. The technician gives instructions on "what if I have to pee" or "what if can't sleep?"
  7. They will answer your questions
  8. My results?
    My brain awakes acutely (micro-awakenings) ~55 times per hour (too many). It is causing my fatigue, but as to why my brain behaves like this, there is no conclusion Just lucky 🙄