Ramblings, Sherlock after viewing The Lying Detective

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  1. Spoilers!
  2. My imaginative ramblings after catching up with The Lying Detective
  3. Here are my misguided ramblings
    And i am good with being wrong. Art on a wall, teevee, movies ... they invoke emotions and talking and speculation (:
  4. Eurus is the third sibling
    If you want a stretch, she could be Sherlock's twin (given that he said "it's never twins", and this show does like to foreshadow and drop hints)
  5. She has a bit of a split personality (evil and nice)
    She is more brilliant then her brothers, but more sociopathic / psychopathic as well
  6. Sherlock didn't recognize his sister because of a combination of the drugs and her disguise
    Also it is likely Sherlock had not seen her in years, likely since he was a youngster, so perhaps decades
  7. Eurus as a child would greet her brothers with "miss me" if they had been apart
    Thus, the "miss me" used by her elsewhere
  8. Mary using "miss me" was to get the attention of Sherlock
    Nothing more sinister
  9. Moriarty is dead
    The message "he" sent was engineered by Eurus, with the "miss me" being directed toward Sherlock and Mycroft
  10. Moriarty killed himself because he feared Eurus
    She was his mentor / boss
  11. In The Great Game, there were the pair of shoes that were held for decades, the shoes belonging to a drowned kid. This was Sherlocks first case as a child
    He was convinced it was not an accidental drowning, that the kid had been murdered
  12. Eurus killed the kid and she was sent away for it
    The likelihood of Moriarty and Sherlock living near enough to each other as kids is small. The likelihood that Eusus lived near Sherlock is exceedingly high 😏
  13. Eurus bugged Watson's house, making it easier to know him for flirtatious reasons, as well as general monitoring of Sherlock's confidante and partner
  14. Sherrinford! Not sure if this is Eurus' given name or perhaps where she has lived (eg, a secured facility), or dare I say another sibling.
  15. My speculative speculation is that Sherrinford is her given name, and she renamed herself Eurus after hearing the Greek tales of the east wind
  16. My two cents and worth less than that 👍