Science Proves: What Your First Name Says About You!

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  1. Paula, Rocky, Emily, Jasmine, Thom … is that you?
  2. Here is what your first name says about you…
  3. … nothing!
  4. Your first name says more about the person who named you
  5. Named after an obscure literary character?
    One parent is an English major
  6. Named after a grandparent or other relative that is not the parent?
    Family is important
  7. Named after a character in Star Wars or some other current pop culture sensation?
    Parents are total fans!
  8. Named Hope or Charity?
    Parents are lovely people with optimism abound
  9. Named specifically after a religious figure?
    Religious parents. Obv.
  10. Last name as a first name? Or a Place as a first name?
    Trying to not conform, plus "we really like the name"
  11. What does your first name say about your parents?