Visiting the museum with 6-12 year olds

Inspired by @celinerogers (People you see at museums)
  1. not age limited, just ask my friends who indulge me
  2. First, know your audience. Keep the visits to their ability (I use five minutes x their age)
    And keep to it. Don't tell a 10 year old that's a 50 minute visit when it will go for hours
  3. Second, don't take them to exhibits crowded with people
  4. Third, we aren't "going to the museum" or "seeing the great new exhibit"
  5. What we are doing is: Casing the joint
  6. When there …
  7. … talk in whispers
    Furtively conspiring
  8. … ask what they like
    Then read the descriptions to them, or with them. Ask what they like about it. Are they happy when they see it?
  9. … suggest alternatives to what they like and explain why
    "This one reminds me of that time Scooby-Doo was in a graveyard in that episode we watched"
  10. … talk about the value of the loot
    in terms of historic and social value
  11. … talk about the person or culture that produced the loot
    "do you think people in the Edo period knew one day we would have Scooby-doo?" "Do you think the artist was happy or sad when this was made?"
  12. … talk about the aesthetics
    where will they place the loot? How would it look out-of-doors? Will it clash with their Tigger poster?
  13. … talk about how to steal the loot
    Under your shirt? Make sure the guard isn't looking!! Break in through a window! Down through a skylight (classic!)
  14. … talk about other museum goers
    are they undercover guards? other thieves?
  15. … ask if they would make this type of art or something completely different
  16. … talk about the room itself
    where are the cameras? Is it temperature controlled? If so, why?
  17. … feign disinterest in stealing that day
    and go get an ice cream