Big Baldy or Bust

I woke up last weekend saying I wanted to do a difficult hike. I have been wanting to climb Big Baldy, which is an 8,500 foot mountain in front of massive Mt. Timpanogas. The hike itself is 7 miles with a 3,400 foot increase in elevation. I made it to 8,200 feet which was above the snowline but I lost track of the trail due to the snow. Some pix.
  1. Near the beginning of the ascent.
  2. A path to the amazing cliffs on the trail
  3. The aforementioned cliffs with a most amazing view of Utah Valley.
  4. This was the point where i lost track of the trail in the snow. It was at 8200 feet. I only had 300 more to go.
  5. Robert's Horn on Mt. Timpanogas taken at 820p ft. The horn is 11,700 feet.
  6. A young boy learning rock climbing
  7. Yours truly at 8200 feet